ACV thanks the Holy Father for the Catechesis he delivered on the occasion the Earth Day 50th Anniversary (

In this catechesis in fact the Pope has partially accepted our appeal by speaking about sins against nature, other creatures and our neighbor. As the Francis has explained, those sins essentially represent sins against God.

Furthermore the Pope has highlighted how the virus is now challenging humanity might be a consequence of human behavior against nature. For this reason he suggested to start a redemption, through the Holy Spirit, of the way we relate to other creatures and the whole creation.

ACV thanks the Pope for this prophetic Catechesis and it believes that thanks to it there will be important developments inside the Holy Church.

Actually ACV had originally asked to the Church a time for repetance and reflection on the sins against creatures and and the whole creation, in order to recover the right relationship with them mentioned in Genesis 1,26-30. For this reason we say the Holy Father has “partially” received our appeal.

Waiting the Pope to proclaim a penitential time on this issue, ACV speaks now all Catholics, all Christian, all believers, and all women and men of good will. ACV invites all humans to conversion, to reflection, to repetance.

We suggest this way:


  1. a)     to loose the chains of injustice  and untie the cords of the yoke (Is 58,6)

–          Abstinence from every kind of food that implies the exploitation of humans, animals, and earth

–          Abstinence from every kind of food that implies the killing of creatures (mammals, fish)

–          Eat only those food grown in respect with every kind of life form

– It of foremost importance to include every creature inside the “oppressed” cathegory – with a special attention towards all animals who are confined and chained, deprived of their freedom, dignity and uniqueness. And also to free each creature.

– to share your food with the hungry and to provide the poor wanderer with shelter— when you see the naked, to clothe them, and not to turn away from your own flesh and blood? (Is 58,7)

– While numerous people are facing new poverties, please share the food with the hungry; please provide for the spiritual and physical needs of our neighbor, please eat poor with and for the poor

– About clothing: tessil industry and clothing are another form of explitation of nature and animals (fur, leather goods and all other form of skinning animals – which imply incredible suffering and pollution). Cruelty-free clothing, vegetal or synthetic environmental-friendly cloths, thinking about the meaning of “put on the sackcloth”


While it is not possible to take part to the Holy Mass Celebration:

– we ask to priests to pray that human heart may come back to the image of God and that it may be again the steward of creation

-we ask to believers to offer their sufferings for the salvation of mankind and creation

– we ask to those who are sick to offer their sufference for the same intention, and to all those who are facing difficulties to unite their cross to that of Christ

– we propose the Rosary for Creation

-we ask to pray the daily Rosary for the wellbeing of the whole creation

– we suggest a bigger partecipation to the oration we are suggesting

– we suggest to meditate on Scriptures, on the Lives of Saints, and the respect for creation (please have a look to our website)

– we suggest to follow the Holy Spirit suggest in order to worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth

– we suggest to meditate on the issues regarding the creation.